The Mystery of the Half Empty Strawberry Box


Have you entered a grocery store long after the stock was put onto the shelf? Sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t there. But sometimes you find a few items left. The produce isle can quickly run out of stock when a local produce is in “season” … like strawberries or blueberries. Sometimes you enter the store to a few boxes of your favourite boxes of berries left … even worse … one box … half empty. How did that happen? Hmmm? There is a group of people, and I’m not sure how big this group is, who have no feeling of guilt or moral scruple taking EXTRA berries out of one box and add extra to their own box! “WHAT THE?” I’ve seen it happen! And they are not your run-of-the-mill shop lifters. They are grannies, women, parents, … ordinary shoppers. For some reason their brain synapses are not firing on all cylinders. Somehow their moral conscience has taken a detour in reasoning since if their brain was on the right track …. it would be screaming “HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU’RE STEALING!” If you are one of these people … it is stealing. Depriving other honest people of the sustenance of delicious juicy berries is … well dishonest. “Well everybody else does it”, is something these stealthy thieves may proclaim. Not everybody does it so don’t use this as a defence.  Hmmm … I’ll be hiding behind the cabbage pile … watching you.



One thought on “The Mystery of the Half Empty Strawberry Box

  1. Great post.

    My thought is if you were scratch the surface to determine what kind of self perception these people hold about themselves, you are liable to find that in their own eyes they are law abiding, respectable folks of integrity. One of the primary reasons why most of us remain out of integrity in one way or the other is the aspect of self deception about being out-of-integrity.Most people see a ‘reason’ or otherwise rationalize or have an excuse for doing what they do.

    So what would you see could be way to climb up the integrity mountain?


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