Am I a Glass of Water?

2016-04-18 10.10.40

Am I a glass of water?  I’m made of mostly water.   When you see me do I look like a puddle, a lake, a stream, an ocean?  Yes I hear you … do I see the glass half empty or half full?  Ah … yes … like many North Americans it’s hard to get through life without this quick personality analysis based on a 1st impressions and perceptions of one’s inner soul.  But what if I was not thirsty and said in my mind … “That glass is half full and I really don’t want to drink anymore”.   On the other hand I could be thinking … “That glass of water is half empty but I’m still thirsty … so I’m going to drink the rest”.

Wait a minute … you’re mumbling to yourself again saying that a half full glass means I see things positively and the half empty glass sees things negatively.  Well that’s a grand presumption!   Wouldn’t our upbringing, our society, our social group, our inner thought being, our soul determine the perception of how we see the water in the glass?  Can we lump every human being 50/50 (negative or positive) based on how they see that glass?  Based on what western society thinks?  Western society, being a mosaic of different cultures, cannot apply a unifying perspective like a half empty or half full glass of water.  This is way too simplistic to fully see who is front of you.   A person you just met. How about getting to know that person before applying a ‘perspective’ on that person?

We say “You shouldn’t judge a book by the cover”.  Doesn’t that fly in the face of the glass of water comparison on one’s attitude?  Seems contradictory.  Make up your mind society … are quick analyses the best approach to see the true value of a person in society in the long run?

We could view one’s birth as a full glass of water and one’s death an empty glass of water.  Full at birth, representing one’s potential in life; empty at death … since … well … you’re dead … not much potential there unless you see our bodies as future plant food.   If we’re plant food, you must be a Pollyanna.  Oops! I’m slipping into western thought patterns and judging you with societies’ zealous perceptions.

The quality of one’s water in our glass matters.  If we perceive the glass as only half empty or half full … how do we know if the water is fresh mountain water from a cool glacier or city water full of chlorine to kill the germs?  I’ll take the mountain water every day but what if the ‘mountain water’ person saw the glass as half empty?  Hmmmm … is that person still ‘negative’?  You’re missing out on a superior tasting water.  Meanwhile, the chlorinated ‘city water’ person’s water is less inviting to taste even though they are perceived as ‘positive’.  If you love chlorinated water, please forgive my analysis (love that taste of pool water in my mouth … mmmmmm).

Sometimes a quarter glass of water is worth much more than the full glass value of someone else.  Some people go around most of their lives with their cup of water and use it very sparingly.  They talk a great game about how great their water tastes to get you interested in their value and potential to you.  But once you offer to taste their water (hire, become a friend, marry, etc.),  … their like misers with their own water … afraid to use it … afraid to share their potential … because they have what they want now … a positive perception of themselves from you.  How often are those positive perceptions not spot on?   Are they hiding their own selfish ambitions, egos, fears or even incompetence?  Why do they not use their water?  Others are willing to share their water without a thought.  They want to use their water to grow somebody.  They don’t want to hoard their water and deprive others of it.  They know that sharing their water makes their water a precious gift especially to those who receive it.   They love seeing others grow their own positive self worth in society.

Perception shapes our reality everyday.  One should never settle on a perception as fact.  Perceptions without thought is a dangerous game.   Perceptions are not always reality.  You must verify your perceptions with some long term thinking.  Don’t be quick to judge with perceptions only because it could ruin a person and taint the quality of society especially when the person being perceived is narrowly viewed from the eyes of a stranger.  Have you’ve ever had an arch enemy turn out to be one of your best friends in life?   How good were your 1st impressions, your 1st perceptions of that person?

So am I a glass of water?  What are your thoughts?

I’m the Heretic Lemming

Lead with thought … think before you jump!


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