What If GOD Were An Introvert?


It is my belief that  GOD does not give a DAMN how you worship, therefore, organized religion is just one person’s perspective on how to worship GOD … and we are assuming that GOD wants to be worshiped.  GOD is portrayed as an wrathful … sometimes very intolerant of other’s opinions … “my way or the highway” viewpoint … isn’t that kinda of an extroverted point of view?

What if GOD was really an introvert?  Let’s look at what GOD does ….

GOD, at least to some people’s point of view, is the creator.  Introverts tend to be more creative … so if GOD is literally the creator of everything … suffice it to say that he/she/it is more likely an introvert?  Yet the common mythology of GOD shows him as very EGO centric (the wrath of GOD … yada yada … and all that Jazz… “GOD! GET OVER YOURSELF! YOU CANNOT ALWAYS BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION!”).

If GOD was an introvert, wouldn’t that explain his hands off approach to the world?  What if GOD just wants us to figure things out and governs the law of nature and living being lives from a servant leader perspective?  Strong leaders let their followers make their own mistakes so that they can learn from them.  They don’t chastise them to the point they are a afraid to make any mistakes.

Sometimes you think GOD has split personality … tolerant but vengeful.  Maybe he’s just having a bad day on those vengeful days … or maybe he has a bipolar disorder and needs his meds … WAIT!  HOLD YOUR LIGHTNING BOLTS GOD!  I know how your get easily PO-ed!  Thank GOD my GOD is not ZEUS!

What if GOD were humble, kind, generous, selfless?  Is this the GOD we see in our extroverted culture?

If GOD was an introvert, maybe there would be more humility in the world … more tolerance of others … less fear … more cooperation … more celebration of one’s differences and less emphasis in following the crowd for the sake of following the crowd.

GOD and introvert!  FUNNY I know!  There is no evidence in the history of the world that GOD is generally viewed other than an extroverted deity … but just think how many of society’s problems could be diminished or even solved if we worshiped a GOD that had an introverted personality.

Hmmm … amen.

I’m the Heretic Lemming.

Lead with thought.  Think before you jump!


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